Voluson P8™

Welcome to the family

Voluson P8™
Voluson P8™

Welcome to the family

High-Efficiency, OB/GYN-centered Imaging Device Voluson P8

Voluson* Women’s Health ultrasound has developed a strong reputation for high performance – exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, innovative probes and streamlined ergonomics that help drive efficient workflow. The new Voluson P8 continues the tradition at a price that suits your budget. With the Voluson P8, you can depend on an easy to use system that helps provide consistent, exceptional images across applications – from routine OB evaluations and gynecological studies to cardiac, abdominal, vascular, and small parts scanning.

As with other Voluson systems, the Voluson P8 provides innovative tools and design features including:

• Excellent 2D and 3D image quality
• Intuitive, easy to use keyboard
• Easy-to-learn workflow tools including image optimization features such as Auto Optimization, Auto Focus and SonoRender Start
• Streamlined reporting tools
• Quality service and support

By choosing an affordable Voluson P8, your practice will be able to benefit from Voluson quality imaging and help improve patient care. As part of the P-series of ultrasound machines, the P8 is designed as an entry-level 4D ultrasound machine with the premium 4D image made famous by the GE Voluson ultrasound series. The used Voluson P8 provides excellent 4D images and is a great choice for women’s health applications looking for great 4D images on a limited budget. A Voluson P8 comes with many of the advanced technologies of the S- and E-series Voluson ultrasound machines, but excludes some of the higher-end features that are not as frequently used in more budget-challenged environments.

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