Voluson E6™

Extraordinary Vision.

Voluson E6™
Voluson E6™

Extraordinary Vision.

Voluson E6™ is the entry-level system in the Expert Series platform, providing exceptional image quality in a smart system designed to meet your daily needs.

The powerful Voluson E6 can be the cornerstone of your practice. It’s designed specifi cally to give you the exceptional vision you need today so you have the fl exibility to help meet your needs. This versatile system delivers expandable capabilities to grow with your practice.

Built on the remarkable Expert Series platform, the Voluson E6 combines advanced probe technology plus innovative hardware and software architecture. Every component works together – processing multiple data points simultaneously in real-time to deliver exceptional images. The Voluson E6 helps you to see tiny details at early stages.

Building on a foundation for extraordinary vision

Designed to grow with your practice, the Voluson E6 ultrasound system has been enhanced with innovative technology that helps improve image quality and delivers a host of automation tools to help increase exam effi ciency, help improve diagnostic confi dence, and expand your in-offi ce capabilities.

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