Proven performance. Timeless results


Proven performance. Timeless results

GE Healthcare LOGIQ P5™ Refurbished Ultrasound System from GE's LOGIQ Product Line. Exclusive GE Healthcare Channel Partner. General Imaging

A great fit for many specialties.

Clinicians around the world have made LOGIQ P5 one of the most widely accepted GE ultrasound systems. Building upon this solid platform, we continue to extend the performance and clinical capabilities of the LOGIQ P5. The affordable, full-featured LOGIQ P5 delivers exceptional performance across many care areas – meeting the demands of specialties such as general imaging, women’s healthcare and urology. And the LOGIQ P5 features many breakthrough technologies migrated from our advanced ultrasound platforms. The LOGIQ P5 fits in well across a broad range of clinical applications and specialty areas. Specialized transducers, high-resolution image quality and convenient workflow tools make it well suited for urology. Its 4D workflow, exceptional image quality and tailored report packages are ideal for OB/GYN. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the highly mobile LOGIQ P5 can be moved effortlessly from patient to patient, or room to room. Whether you need a versatile, high-performance system for a specialized practice, or a secondary system for a large hospital, the LOGIQ P5 delivers the image quality and high performance of a system twice its size.

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